e-kidna believes…

All children have the right to feel and be safe all the time. It is everyone’s business to make sure our children, young people, parents, carers and community are confident and capable of taking action.

We want to empower Australia to RECOGNISE | REACT | REPORT child sexual abuse.

About e-kidna

About e-kidna

We need to keep kids safe NOW – stand with us in the fight against child sexual abuse. 

The e-kidna hub is a platform for change, a place to loudly advocate to governments and those that can ensure change for our kids. With our collective knowledge, e-kidna offers resources for parents, carers, and those with children in their lives to understand how all adults can play a part in helping to keep kids safe.

Why e-kidna?

Help keep kids safe from sexual abuse

Knowledge about child abuse can help protect our kids from harm. We can’t predict whether children will be exposed to harm, but we can arm ourselves with reliable information about personal safety skills.

Help a child who may have been sexually harmed

Unfortunately, children are vulnerable to abuse and sometimes children are exposed to harm. A child’s safety, recovery and wellbeing can be drastically affected by when and how adults help them.

Help us stand together for system change

Child protection is everyone’s business. The responsibility of keeping kids safe falls on all adults – parents, educators, community members and policy makers.

e-Kidna Alliance

Act for Kids delivers evidence-led professional therapy and support services to help keep kids safe, heal from trauma and lead happy lives. 

Bravehearts delivers a coordinated and holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation educates children and young people about how to stay safe in offline and online environments and supports young victims of crime.